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My Life and the Overthrow
of the Persian Peacock Throne
Siamak A. Adibi, MD, PhD

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Because I was born in Iran (previously called Persia), I am often asked "Why is there such animosity between Iran and America?" Before answering this question, I need to discuss the story of my life, which was profoundly affected by this animosity. My personal story includes first growing up and being shaped by Iran, and then moving to America, where I embraced all that the United States of America stood for. The story of my life in Iran and America will enable the readers of my book to know how I came to love both countries and why now why I feel disheartened by both governments.

The relevance of the story of my growing up in Iran is to show how deep was my love for the country and its people and how unhappy I am for Iranian failure to achieve democracy.

When I left Iran, I was so optimistic that Iran might become a democratic kingdom. My desire for a kingdom was based on a thousand years of history of great Persian kings and my ancestors being deeply involved in working with the kings in governing and defending the empire.

The story of my maturation in America shows the growth of my love for America. I was proud of becoming also an American citizen and experiencing its political freedoms. My adopted new country appeared to be unique in the world by using its resources to help other countries, without exploiting them. America has helped countries like Japan and Germany, countries that were our bitter enemies in WWII. But when I learned how America in a covert operation destroyed the aspirations of my hero, Dr. Mossadegh, my idealistic view of America was shattered. Dr. Mossadegh was the only leader that truly brought democracy to Iran and freed the country from the exploitations of the British colonial mercenaries. To put the nationalistic goals of Mossadegh in perspective, I have recounted how his vision arose from several thousand years of Iran's history. In the last section, by looking back and incorporating my unique experiences, I answer the frequently asked question, "Why for more than half a century has a once very friendly relationship between Iran and America turned hostile?

About the Author
Siamak Adibi is a graduate of John Hopkins, Jefferson Medical College, MIT, and Harvard Medical School's post-graduate program. He grew up in Iran but came to America to study medicine. His discussion of Iranian history is interwoven with stories of several generations of his family, which was prominent in Persia. In America he has served as a professor of medicine and chief gastroenterologist and in Iran as imperial chief of medicine under the Pahlavi Shah and subsequently as a medical adviser to the Islamic Republic. Serving both countries has given him a particular interest in understanding the genesis of animosity between his two countries.

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My Life and the Overthrow
of the Persian Peacock Throne

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